Friday, June 12, 2009

2004 Update

I will not be honest if I do not admit that I felt a lot of warmth and love, in increasing intensity, through out this year.

You guessed it right, it is mostly due to Prem*. He turned one in October. It was pure joy watching him grow. At a personal level, as a parent, I felt acutely under scrutiny. Let me explain. There are some physiological and behavioral similarities which I can identify in Prem. Like his nose, which has dry mucous falling from it all the time, totally gross and completely on me. His tongue, hanging out most of the time whether there is food in sight or not, is on Promila and her mother. If this is not enough, he hits his head with his hand with some force to show his frustrations when we feign not to understand what he is trying to say. I remember that I used to do that some time back and so did my father. One good thing is that he smiles like Promila, easily. Thank god, smile is not on me.

Prem is a charmer and very social. Besides gymboree, we attended Music Together sessions together. Prem enjoyed them a lot. Prem was on NBC news, when they showed a 3 minute clip on one of the Music Together session. The clip opened with Prem and Promila.

We hosted baby sign language classes at our home, which I enjoyed immensely. Now when I make a sign for ‘No’ to Prem, at times, I get a single finger sign from him, which I am sure is not a proper ASL sign.

We went to couple of one day hiking trip at Little Basin this summer which Prem enjoyed very much. I hope to do more in next season. Thanks to Promila and 2003 –moms groups, we attended two Halloween parties and four Holiday parties. I never imagined that these parties could be so much fun. Besides, we visited Bonfante gardens.

On professional front, I moved out of independent consulting and joined Johnson & Johnson this year in September. I loved independent consulting. In order to be closer to family, slow down and enjoy these early years of Prem, the decision came easily.

Promila, on other hand, has been able to work from home. It is a lot of work for her to manage baby feedings, baby sitter and work at the same time. Being an engineer through out, now in this new light, she understands and appreciates her managers’ efforts (read pains). She generally ends up working for long hours. I hope to share some of baby feedings and nanny management more actively soon.

Happy holidays and we wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year 2005, filled with laughter.

*Prem à means love in Hindi.

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